The information workflow-

Sat, 29 June 2019

During the first 6 months of the project, some activities focused on analysing the main stakeholders’ requirements and needs in order to provide the necessary input data for defining the architecture of the BIM management system, for individualizing the most proper existing ontologies to be applied or, if necessary, the needed new ontologies to be developed.

Starting from a deep analysis of each step of a common renovation intervention, the information workflow has been described in order to make it replicable using the BIM management system, finding possible shortcuts in data exchange but also individualizing how to make the building process more efficient by exploiting the BIM4EEB tool-kit.
Designers, construction companies, facility managers, energy service companies, owners and inhabitants have been taken into account as main users of the BIM management system, highlighting:
• when they take part to the renovation process;
• which kind of data or document they need;
• which kind of data or document they provide;
• among whom the data exchange is established.
The activities were carried out according to the planned and deliverables submitted respecting the due dates. The first deliverable about the information workflow in a renovation process was submitted in the second month of activity. It created the framework for further analysis within the following deliverables, all started at the third month and then finalized in the sixth.

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