• Our partner, RISE

Our partner, RISE

Wed, 1 April 2020
My name is Anton Gustafsson. I am a Senior Researcher at RISE and I work with data visualization as well as human computer interaction.
RISE is a state-owned research institute in Sweden with competence in many different areas of research. In this way it is also the perfect place to preform multidisciplinary research such as the BIM4EEB project.
My daily work at RISE consists nowadays of the work with data visualization, as well as with human computer interaction. In my previous work at RISE I have dealt with the task of providing people with a 6th sense for understating for example energy and resource use in our daily lives.

In the BIM4EEB I participate as the leader for the development of fast tracking tools. The role is to lead the work with development of sensors and the adaptation and integration with development of an AR-tool.
The team involved in this work consists of several roles as project leader, task-leaders, researchers, designers, sensor experts and project managers from RISE and CGI.
RISE partner CGI is the task-leader of a part in BIM4EEB task with the responsibility of developing an AR-tool. The development work together between RISE and CGI is very close and the development work goes in parallel to maximize the synergies and competences.
Our work contains several tasks related to the background research and development of a quick mapping tool for buildings, that needs to be surveyed before renovation and where detailed and up-to-date blueprints do not exist.

The development work will create a fast mapping toolkit with AR-tool and fast mapping tools to visualize hidden installations in buildings where detailed and up-to-date blueprints do not exist. This includes topics such as how to create a sensor that can detects structures inside walls. It also consists of how to create a user-friendly working tool - as well as data- flow when mapping a building.

We expect to achieve a tool that will enable the users to map both geometries as well as structures inside the walls and the use these to create BIM objects to be stored in an IFC file. This will be done in an AR-tool which will make the task both intuitive and accurate since the user of the tool will be able to do a majority of the of the work on site.
The results of the sensor development work and creation of the AR-tool will work together and give input from this tool to other leaders needs

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