New deliverable released: ontology for representing data

Sat, 31 August 2019
This task initially focuses on the product modelling supporting different Levels of Detail. It aims to bridge the current gap between renovation planning tools and their inherent process models with BIM-model editors and their inherent product models. The development goal is an integrated Product-Process ontology clearly describing the different activities, tasks, and sequences, their interrelations to stakeholders involved and the required information, IT-systems, other resources, costs introduced, etc. This detailed renovation process ontology will be linked to the ontology which shall be represented on different LODs. The integration of the ontologies shall be achieved using the BIM4EEB Linked Data Framework enabling the establishment of an effective and transparent framework for the realization of renovation projects with the allocation of clear roles and responsibilities to all involved stakeholders (designers, architects, vendors, contractors, workers, occupants). Additionally, it will support the establishment of standardized collaboration protocols between them, uninterrupted communication flows and sharing of relevant data and information represented in BIM models when required. Further features are: optimal scheduling and planning of activities (in a synergistic manner), enhanced flexibility and efficient adaptation to changes through flexible BIM-based change management and availability of as-built documentation, as well as process automation. Such linking of renovation process models to shared, linked BIM data will allow for modular, incrementally adaptable, efficient, customized data sharing features and thus the provision of high-value applications and tools, not only towards optimizing design and decision-making, but also for increasing the effectiveness of on-site works. This task will deliver an ontology for BIM data representation on different levels of detail corresponding to renovation process modelling. 

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