Fast mapping toolkit helps the user to create digital models of existing building.

Wed, 10 November 2021
Fast mapping toolkit helps the user to create digital models of existing building. Using AR (Augmented Reality) technology/glasses, the user can see the real room superimposed by a digital laser scan. 
With the help of a sensor stick that can read voltage, inductance, conductance, temperature and position, the underlying construction might be shown. The activities took place on November 2nd and 4th 2021in two different apartments located in via della Birona47, Italy. This first test on the Italian Demositeincluded:1.Laser scanning with an Imager 50102.Creation of point cloud and merge them together 3.Use a HoloLens2 and import the point cloud. Align the point cloud with the reality in the HoloLense2. Now its possibly to se both the reality and the digital point cloud of the apartment4. Creation of one window in the HoloLense2 as an ifc planar surface5.Use the sensor stick to detect electric wires, plumbing, etc Due to a connection problem, it was not possibly to visualise the results from the sensor stick in the HoloLens2, they were only visibly through the laptop. Further tests at the different sites will demonstrate the full capability of the AR system, such as the possibility to identify and display the data coming from the stick and the possibility to reconstruct on-site the geometry of the apartment as an IFC file for later use Some lessonlearnt:1.If there were many persons presented in the apartment, it was difficult to align the point cloud with the reality in the HoloLens2. 2.The sensor stick can better detect the electric wires if the electricity is present in the apartment.3.Wi-fi and cell phones interferes with the data stream coming from the sensors. It’s recommended to have them switched off. 

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