Bim4Occupants application in demonstration environment

Thu, 17 February 2022
Following the installation of sensing and metering devices in premises, the developed application enables continuous monitoring of ambient and energy conditions in real time as well access on historical information. The users are able to get a quick overview of current contextual conditions while also receive insights about the overall performance in the past.On the other hand, the users of the tool are triggered to interact with the application and provide feedback about the environmental conditions in premises; information that is further utilized for the extraction of the typical behavioural profiles of the users under different contextual conditions.
Apart from the aforementioned functionality which is tighlty linked with the installation of sensors and metering systems in premises, the Bim4Occupants application aims to properly guide building occupants during on-site renovation works and, in that way, enhance security and safety on-site, reduce intrusiveness and consider individual needs and schedules and optimize optimise operational planning. More specifically, there are three core functionalities associated with the management of renovation and post renovation processes:
a) optimised operational planning and fine-grained works scheduling towards setting the optimal schedule for the implementation of renovation actions taking into account building occupants’ limitations and constrains.
b) occupants’ guidance during on-site works to enhance security and safety as a key priority in the BIM4EEB project.
c) as-built documentation updates with the contribution of building occupants
Following the development and testing period, an extensive demonstration of the Bim4Occupants application has been performed in two demonstration sites of the project. More than 20 apartments have been enroled in the project and the related stakeholders (Inhabitants and Owners) have actively contributed to the project activities towards the overall evaluation of the different functionalities offered by the application. In order to support the prompt demonstration of the tool, several workshops with the users have been performed with the building stakeholders before and during the demonstration period in order to properly guide them as well as to get their valuable feedback.

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